Royal Reporter Omid Scobie Talks Duchess Meghan’s Last Solo Public Engagement As Working Royal

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Royal reporter Omid Scobie has been covering the British Royal Family for years now and was one of the first journalists to start covering Megan Markle once it was announced that she was dating Prince Harry. Scobie covered Meghan, Duchess of Sussex throughout her engagement, covered her wedding and her ensuing time as a working member of the royal family.

While other royal reporters pushed spurious and negative narratives about supposed protocol breaches, pathologizing spraying air freshener in an old church, or sending emails at 5 in the morning, Scobie scrupulously reported on Meghan’s charitable efforts and the work she was doing along with her husband Harry, Duke of Sussex for their patronages. That is, he reported in a way that many saw as even-handed rather than with an agenda in the way that some royal reporters and most tabloid reporters did. It is no surprise then, that for her last solo event as a working member of the royal family, Scobie was one of a handful of such reporters who was invited to cover the, at times emotional, event.

Meghan and Harry announced their wish to work part-time as royals in early January of 2020 due to the overly harsh, and often disingenuous coverage by the royal rota, the UK tabloids, the apparent collusion of members of the royal household’s staff with the press to put a negative spin on all she did, and the obvious intent of Duchess Meghan’s father, half-sister, and half-brother to try to humiliate her every chance they got. Ultimately, the British Royal family, led by Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and perhaps with input from Prince William and Duchess Kate, decided they didn’t want Harry or Meghan to be working royals at all. Meghan and Harry’s last full day as working royals is officially Mach 31st but her engagement with the Association of Commonwealth Universities on March 9th was essentially her last as a working royal. She will continue to be a patron of the organization in her new life as a regular citizen.

According to the SussexRoyal Instagram account, Meghan “spoke with scholars studying and researching important areas surrounding; cleaning up plastic pollution in our oceans, helping to build more sustainable cities, improving health outcomes for citizens, and supporting decent work and economic growth.”

Commented Scobie in a March 11, 2020 interview with reporter Katie Green from celebrity telemagazine Access Hollywood, “This was all about creating a more positive environment for them and their family. They’ve really dealt with the toxicity of the UK tabloids for a long time and they didn’t feel supported or protected as a family by the institution or by the press and I think for them putting forward this suggestion in January to step back and go into part-time roles was their idea of it being the only way to solve the situation.” He added that he didn’t believe either Meghan or Harry were expecting to be told no.

The former actress, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur met privately at Buckingham Palace with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, of which she is Vice-President. Wearing a sleek navy dress by Scanlan Theodore she met with scholars from roughly 500 universities across the Commonwealth countries including Malawi, Ghana, and Sri  Lanka.

Scobie also shared that he gave Meghan a bittersweet goodbye hug and noted he would continue to cover her going forward. Check out part of his Access Hollywood interview below.




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