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Octavia Spencer Talks Mental Health During Pandemic For Child Mind Institute

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Though Octavia Spencer is always smiling, she revealed in a video for the Child Mind Institute that she has her own challenges with mental wellness just like everyone else.

In the video for the Child Mind Institute’s #WeThriveInside campaign, the beautiful and accomplished actress shares her advice on how she takes care of her mental health during the pandemic saying, she’s “listening to a lot of music” and is also “meditating.” If you follow Spencer on social media, you know that she has also been learning (hilariously) how to cook. In this video she reveals that she has at this point almost mastered boiling eggs! 

“It’s okay to be anxious. This is a very traumatic thing that we’re all experiencing and we’re doing that together. It’s also very good to go on walks, remaining socially physically distant, but getting a little exercise and vitamin D will also release endorphins and you feel a lot better.”



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