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Robin Givens SiriusXM Interview: Actress Talks Directorial Debut and Mike Tyson Biopic

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Following close on the heels of Halle Berry and Dave Justice as one of America’s first actress/athlete supercouples was Robin Givens and Mike Tyson. With Givens  gorgeous looks and polished, staunch middle-class bearing versus the  rough, tough, raised-by-the streets Tyson, it was a story that seemed to write itself even before the turmoil in their relationship became public. Though other such couples came after, like Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox or Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, none of them quite fed tabloid appetites like Givens and Tyson did.

If you’re at all familiar with the saga that was the relationship between Robin Givens and Mike Tyson, one of the biggest tabloid stories of the eighties. You also wouldn’t be surprised then, at what Givens had to say on a recent visit to Andy Cohen’s show on SiriusXM. The actress made it clear she fervently hopes NOT to be included in the new Mike Tyson biopic which will star Jamie Foxx. “That wasn’t a fun ex for me.” Speaking of Tyson’s book she said, “There were so many things in it that were so not true! For somebody to take history and repurpose it and just write what they want is so upsetting to me. I’m hoping I grow stronger from it.”

Referencing the events immediately following George Floyd’s murder, she said. “I’m hoping we’re now in a climate where things that used to be acceptable are no longer acceptable now. Like [Tyson] saying something like, ‘The best punch I ever threw was against Robin’, is no longer acceptable. I’m literally praying we’re in a climate where that’s not acceptable, that’s not rewarded, that’s not congratulated.”

Robin Givens Chats With Andy Cohen About Tyson Biopic

Robins also spoke to Bevy Smith about the biopic and spoke to the accusations from her time with Tyson that she was a golddigger. “We live in a world now that if you tell lies loud enough and often enough, they can stick. I had graduated high school at fifteen and was college at nineteen, I’d had my own tv show, and owned my own home when I met Mike. It’s important not to let people rewrite history because they have a louder voice.”

About the abrupt- and quite frankly shocking cancellation of one of the best nighttime dramas on OWN, Ambitions, Givens expressed her own bafflement about why the network decided not to continue distributing the Will Packer (Girls Trip) produced series. Co-starring Essence Atkins (Marlon, Half & Half) and Brian White (Stomp The Yard, Ray Donovan) the series chronicled the exploits of a wealthy and high-powered Atlanta couple and their family. Givens was the steely, scandalous, scheming, and smart Stephanie Lancaster. Givens remarked on playing the irrepressible legal diva, “I loved that character so much. She was a badass but so funny too!” It seems if fans made enough noise, the show could be given a second life on another platform such as Netflix. “Whenever I’m in the grocery store,” Givens said, “People stop me and ask me, ’What happened?’ and ‘What can we do? Where can we write in?’”

Given was actually being interviewed promoting her directorial debut (yay!), Lifetime Network’s A Murder To Remember, which airs 8PM EST August 2nd. Givens, in a TV interview with Access Hollywood, described it as “ a nice psychological thriller” centering around a young newlywed with whom an acquaintance becomes obsessed.

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